Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clojure-Py 0.2 Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Clojure-Py 0.2.

There are numerous changes in this version, a few highlights:

* implemented deftype with protocol support
* implemented defprotocol and extend
* implemented reify
* implemented defrecord
* binding is supported
* implemented defmulti and defmethod
* support for derive, supers, bases, etc.
* try/catch, try/finally, with-open
* python generators are seq'able (better interop)
* over 290 tests are implemented
* countless bug fixes

Known issues:

There is a bug in the compiler currently that does not support
try/catch/finally blocks. try/catch and try/finally work just fine,
it's only the combination of these three. This will be fixed in the
next release.



Also via easy_install:

easy_install clojure-py


version 0.3 -
  Greatly improved compiler re-written for speed, and code simplicity.
  Python 3 support
  Full implementation of clojure.core (including STM features)

version 1.0 -
  Fault-tolerant, distributed programming via Erlang style
concurrency. This will allow us to "code around the GIL" and at the
same time have distributed capabilities not seen in any other Clojure

Thanks to the many developers who have been working on this project
the past few weeks. It's exciting to see the clojure-py community
continue to grow!

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  1. I am curious as to how you are handling Python's GIL issue. Are you implementing symmetric multi-processing in C?